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Exploring the Latest Web Design Trends We Hate

the latest web design trends we hate

the latest web design trends we hateAn estimated 61% of internet users across the globe research products online, and it’s no secret why. With instant access to almost anything we want, the internet has become a shopping mecca.
That means if you have a website for your business, you want to make sure your targeted consumers go to your site and trust the information on it. For that to happen, you should probably avoid certain trends that users may consider annoying. To help you with that, here are the latest web design trends we hate.
Annoying Pop Up Ads
Although pop up ads do hold a little bit of value when it comes to marketing, they are really annoying. Often, users will leave a site almost immediately if they are bombarded with pop up ads. If you must include them, make sure that they have something to offer the consumer, like a coupon.
Poor Quality Stock Photos
We’ve all seen these all over the internet. Many times, they are the same stock photos that can be seen on multiple different websites. Poor quality photos can be a turnoff for many users, and it can make your site come off as cheap. Invest in some original, high quality photos for your site and you may just notice a positive difference in your web traffic.
Inconsistent Fonts
When a site has more than two or three fonts on it, the eye can get seriously confused. Users may not even be able to focus enough to read what is going on on your site. There is nothing wrong with trying to be creative and make your site beautiful, but mixing a ton of different fonts together is not the way to do it.
There you have it, the latest web design trends we hate. Having a good quality website can make or break your success online, and we want to help you make it big. So before you go trend crazy on your site, make sure you’re considering these unsavory trends first.