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10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

10 ways your website is driving customers away

Consumers in today’s digital world are all looking for the answers to their questions on the internet. If it’s not online, then it’s a problem. You want to make sure as a business owner that your company website is as informative and user friendly as possible so that you can succeed. Here are 10 ways your website is driving customers away.

  1. Not Mobile Friendly – Shopping on smartphones is incredibly popular right now. In fact, four out of five consumers use their smartphones to shop. If a customer tries to reach your site on their device and cannot access it, or it is not easy to use, they will simply leave.

  3. Too Many Pop Up Ads – No one wants to be bogged down with ads when they are trying to search online. Many web users fear that if pop up ads appear on their screens that they have a virus. Not only are they annoying, you customers may think that your site is unsafe if ridden with pop ups.

  5. Auto Play Music or Videos – To piggy back off of the ads point, no one likes music or videos that auto play on a website. Many people shop in public places, even at work, and if they pull up a site and loud music starts playing from their speakers, they will most like close the site out immediately.

  7. Poorly Written Content – If websites have bad content, no user will want to be on them. Bad content is one of the most avoidable of the 10 ways your website is driving customers away. If your site has poor grammar usage or poorly written articles, users will notice it right away. People will think that you are not taking their business seriously if you cannot take the time to proofread your content.

  9. Outdated Content – It’s not enough to get good quality content on your website just one time and walk away. Your website should be updated on a regular basis. Whether that means adding new high quality content once a week or simply changing the way it is presented on the page, your website should be updated, or your customers will get bored.

  11. No Design Concept – Your web design should be visually appealing for your consumers to look at. Web designers would agree that playing with layout, color, and text is important in order to get just the right look for your site. Your website should look modern and reflect who you are as a business.

  13. Long Loading Time – This one is pretty simple. If your website doesn’t load, people will get frustrated and leave.

  15. Non-Intuitive Navigation – If your customers don’t know how to get around your site, then how will they be able to find what they are looking for and buy products? They won’t.

  17. Unclear Objective – When your customers reach your home page, they should be able to tell what kind of company you are and what you sell. If they can’t, they probably won’t be on your site for very long.

  19. No Reviews – Consumers rely heavily on reviews before purchasing a product. If you don’t have any reviews, customers may be too afraid to buy something from you.

There you have it, 10 ways your website is driving customers away. Avoid these mistakes and, you will probably have a very successful website.