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4 Best Design Principles to Follow on Your Website

search engine optimization

search engine optimization

Your company website needs routine updates to keep it fresh and functional. Of course, when looking to update your website, it’s important to remember that there are some basic principles and guidelines to make your redesign more effective. Here are four design principles you can use to encourage users to stay on your site.

1. Simplicity

Simple, easy to use websites help users find information faster. They can also help to make your company’s search engine optimization more effective. One way to simplify your web design is to choose a color palette that does not distract users or clash with other design features on your website. Additionally, choosing an easy-to-read font and making sure your imagery is relevant to your brand will help improve the user experience. Making sure your website is designed in a simple way, yet isn’t so simple that it’s boring, is the key to finding balance and using simplicity in the right way.

2. Ease of use

It’s not enough that your website is simple. It also needs to be easy to navigate. Features such as short load time and responsive web design will help make sure your website is more user-friendly. A good navigation system always plays a big role in ease of use and how users can access your website. Having a professional digital marketing company handle your website design, website development, and content development can help make sure your website is correctly optimized for user experience and is ideal for your website visitors.

3. Mobile-friendly

Along with ease of use, making your website mobile-friendly is crucial when looking to redesign your website and improve search engine optimization. These days, having a mobile-friendly website is a must-have as a huge number of people access websites on their mobile devices. Statistically, around 48% of users think that a business without a mobile-friendly website is a sign that the business doesn’t care enough to work on their website.

4. Graphic design

Another design principle to be aware of is graphic design. Graphic design elements such as visual hierarchy, which highlight certain elements of a web page, can help place emphasis on certain areas and bring intended outcomes to real life. No matter if you are looking to improve search engine optimization or give a makeover to your website, having good graphic design on a website can improve its aesthetic and lead to a better user experience. Always make sure your graphic design elements match your brand or business and are compatible with your company values.

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