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3 Visual Website Design Strategies That May Surprise You

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web development

Mix things up this year and make some bold choices with your next website reboot. These web design trends are sure to help keep your visitors on your site longer. With the right vision and web development help from MRN Web Designs, any site can go from boring, outdated, and predictable to exciting, intriguing, and innovative.

Studies indicate that web users tend only to read just above a quarter of the text on a page. That’s why the overall visual appeal of the page is so important to visitor retention and bounce rate.

Here are three fun website redesign strategies to choose from. If you find that one is not a good fit, try another!

  1. Use colors that reflect your brand

    Strong branding is a key facet of web development. By using a color scheme on your site’s front page that mostly uses colors found in your company’s logo and other brand elements, you marry design and familiarity. If the site is not associated with a specific brand, using a small, consistent color palette helps to make your own personal branding more cohesive, as well as the branding of whatever project you are showcasing.

  2. Utilize minimalist principles

    As time goes on, web development experts are recognizing the demand for clean, simple, elegant sites. Minimalism, the practice which has been gaining attention for a number of years, has applications beyond merely the cleaning of one’s closet. Less is more, and just like a home, a website that uses empty space to emphasize the remaining positive elements will benefit from both greater aesthetic value and improved navigability.

  3. Perfection and symmetry are overrated

    Misaligned web elements, rather than pieces which fit in a perfect grid, can facilitate a sense of dynamism. This results in greater engagement, as visitors move around a site that is more visually interesting than one of clean, predictable lines. Gradients can also be very useful when creating a site with a more dynamic feel. Visitors will appreciate the subtler transitions that gradients provide, as opposed to the sharp divisions provided by abrupt changes in color.

If you are interested in utilizing these design choices but are unsure how to incorporate them, reach out to the web development professionals at MRN Web Designs for a site redesign that will turn heads.