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3 Red Flags That Your Website Needs Work

website work

A well-designed and properly functioning website can be a terrific marketing tool that helps new visitors learn more about your goods, services, or whatever else you might communicate via your website. Once a website is designed, built, and running, it will need maintenance, upgrades, and improvements over time. A poorly implemented website could cause you to lose business and affect your brand image. If your website is not doing what you intended, here are three red flags that indicate you need website work done to improve it.


1. Website Isn’t Mobile-Optimized


A website has to work with online and mobile technologies to maximize its effectiveness. If your website is designed for online-only users, you are missing the vast majority of consumers in your market area. According to Comscore, 80% of consumers use smartphones to shop for goods and services. Those smartphones and other mobile devices use different web browsers than computers do, so you need to make your website work with mobile as well as online web browsers.


2. Poor Rankings on Search Results


Search engine rankings are especially important to give your website the greatest possible exposure and reach more relevant consumers. Most people don’t bother scrolling down or visiting more than the first page of search engine results. If your website is not appearing at or near the top of the first page of relevant search results on Google, you are missing out on the majority of potential consumers in your market area. If your competitors rank highly and your website doesn’t, they get visitors who might have otherwise gone to your website.


3. Website Pages Load Slowly


Few things are more frustrating than clicking on a link to a web page that takes forever to load. Most people aren’t going to wait for more than a few seconds for a web page to load before they click on the back button and look for similar information elsewhere. A fast-loading web page helps to hold consumers’ interest by delivering the content they seek quickly and without irritating your visitors. Search engine algorithms punish websites and web pages with low rankings when they take too long to load or have broken links. Most visitors also don’t bother going back after being frustrated by a slowly loading web page or website.


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