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Why Business Quotes are Important for SEO

search engine optimizationIf you utilize our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, one of our features is that clients are given the opportunity to provide a business quote on an industry article that our professional writers draft. A business quote article is a news-oriented story that offers an opportunity for a business owner to be quoted on a breaking news article.

Our writers find breaking news from the mainstream media that is related to the industry of the end-client. The writer will write a story and leave a space for a quote. These types of articles will never be about the client’s business specifically, but it will be related to their industry so that they may quote as an industry expert.

This is beneficial to business owners because they get their business name mentioned in the article in their attribution with a link that goes to their website, but this is only when they provide a quote. However, so that they do not miss out on an SEO opportunity, they will still get a link back to their website if they don’t provide a quote but the link will be on a keyword of theirs rather than on their business name. So, either way, these articles benefit their SEO efforts but it is technically more beneficial to provide a quote.

For more information on business quotes and our search engine optimization services, please contact us for a free website assessment on how you rank against your competitors. This assessment and proposal provides a suggested strategy for maximizing your search engine optimization opportunity. SEO is consistently ranked as the highest ROI online marketing channel. The best SEO strategy is one that is holistic in incorporating SEO into daily marketing activities.


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