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What Are Micro-Interactions?

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Micro-interactions are becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to engage customers. These tiny, bite-sized interactions are especially appealing to younger generations, who tend to prefer a fast-paced lifestyle. If you’re not familiar with micro-interactions, you’ll want to learn a bit about them before you update CMS features on your business’s website.


Defining Micro-Interactions

Micro-interactions are tiny visual interactions that create a more positive user experience. One example of a micro-interaction is a chatbot. There’s a smiling face in the corner of the screen that doesn’t bother anyone, but it lets the user know someone is there if they have a question. In 2020, online advertising was 70% more significant than television advertising, according to TechJury, making web-based tactics like this crucial to every advertising campaign.



The primary benefit of micro-interactions is that they create a more positive experience for visitors or users. This positive experience can quickly translate into a person staying on the site longer because they are experiencing a pleasant emotional response. More businesses are using micro-interactions in digital products, such as e-books. It makes the consumer enjoy the product more, and then they’re more likely to become a loyal customer.



Apart from chatbots, there are several other examples of micro-interactions. It’s helpful to learn more about the various types of interactions before you update CMS features to ensure you include a variety. Small GIFs and scroll animations are popular choices. Submission forms, buttons to click, videos to watch, and other engaging elements can also help make your site more engaging.


The Importance of Variety

It’s crucial to include a variety of micro-interactions when it’s time to update CMS features. These interactions are so small that they won’t significantly impact the design of your site if you only use one. However, if you use the same type of micro-interaction repeatedly, users may get annoyed. Include only one instance of a particular micro-interaction per page. For example, you can include a chatbot and a scroll animation on the same page, but don’t include any of these elements more than once per page.


Familiarizing yourself with micro-interactions and the most effective strategies for incorporating them is crucial before you update your CMS. Thankfully, MRN Web Designs is here to help you in this endeavor. Our digital marketing team can help you increase engagement to see your desired results. Contact us today for more information.