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Top 5 Reasons Customers are Clicking Off of Your Site

Any business would want to draw customers to their site and engage more, but there are many reasons why people might be clicking off too quickly. According to Ironpaper, you have just ten seconds to impress online users and tell them what your website offers. They’ll click off if they can’t find information in that timeframe. So, let’s discover the reasons why this might be happening!

1. Terrible Web Design

Some people make the mistake of thinking something flashy will attract the most attention, but if online users have to spend too long on a website to get what they want, they’ll leave regardless of the most expensive graphics and web design. Content is vital to your website, and it has to be as user-friendly as you can make it.

2. Errors and Jumbled Content

First, you want all the content on your website to be grammatically correct. However, it would help if you also used language that the average person would easily understand. Additionally, you want to be organized. Dividing information into bullet points can help because no one wants to read long, drawn-out paragraphs online. So, you must ensure that your content is updated, searchable, and easy to read.

3. No Engagement with Customers

Some websites don’t offer any chat feature or provide readily available contact information, and that’s another mistake. Someone might need help with their search, and adding these features ensures engagement. This will keep people on your site and drive engagement.

4. It Doesn’t Work on Smartphones

Nowadays, it’s vital to invest in website work that optimizes your site for people using their phones. Many people prefer to search on their mobile devices, but if a website gets visually jumbled up, they will click off immediately.

5. Pop-Ups and External Links

There’s nothing worse than being bombarded with pop-ups when you enter a website. Sometimes, even a message on the screen can be annoying for customers, so you have to ensure that your website work takes that into account and doesn’t repel clients too much. Additionally, redirecting users with external links can be troublesome, as some people could think it’s spam. So, make sure everything a client needs is inside your website.

Now that you know why most people click off your site quickly, you can invest in great website work and change all that for your business. Contact MRN Web Designs and start attracting more customers today!

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