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Tips and Tricks for Good Local SEO Ratings


seoFor any business, having a comprehensive website is crucial to gaining both exposure and clients. And this is because the world has entered into a growing age of technology, where the majority of consumers — 80% — browse or shop on their mobile smartphones and tablets.

But getting your customers to your webpage can be a challenge, considering that 61% of global Internet users research products online and in total conduct 12 billion searches through search engines per month in the United States alone. Building your search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of growing in visibility on the World Wide Web.

Especially if you are a small business planning on achieving results locally, SEO can be incredibly beneficial. Here are some tips for effective local search engine optimization results.

Keyword research
Keyword research is crucial for any local SEO campaign as you will need to focus on words that pertain to your geographical location. You should focus on anywhere between five to 15 keywords, which are even better if they have a geo-tag in them such as ‘wedding invitations Charleston’, or ‘hair salon Morris County’.

Landing pages
A landing page is incredibly important in Internet marketing, as it will bring the consumer right to the page you are trying to promote. Choose each keyword you would like to go on each page, and then solely focus on that page for the groupings. If you do not do this and have all your links go to one landing page, your client will most likely become bored and will not take the time to search for what they are looking for.

Local citations
It is important to let the search engine know where you are located. These local directories will be able to point the consumer to your site, and these include your phone number with area code, address, and email.

Social media
Social media is a fantastic tool that will help you build a relationship with your clients. It is always good to cross-link your blogs on your social media pages as well, as the more link building you can create, the better!

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