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The Top 5 Tricks For Redesigning Your Website

tips for website redesign

tips for website redesignIf you’re looking to redesign your website, there are a few basic things you should be sure to do to make sure your website is optimized to keep users there and interested for as long as possible. However, this is far easier said than done, and many people make mistakes when DIYing their websites. Here are some top tips for website redesign to make sure you rank high on Google results.


  • Focus on mobile: More and more users these days are browsing the internet on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, making mobile responsiveness more important than ever. If your website looks off somehow on mobile or runs particularly slowly on a smartphone, they’re much more likely to click away.


  • Pay attention to keywords: Keywords can be what makes or breaks your page rankings. Make sure you have plenty of onsite content that contains keywords that internet users are likely to be searching when looking for your business. However, be careful to not spam them too often, or you might raise a couple of red flags with Google.


  • High-quality content: This might seem like common sense, but one of the best tips for website redesign to keep visitors on your site longer is to provide them with high-quality content. Give your visitors something good to read, and they’ll stick around. This includes things like blogs, social media posts, a substantial landing page, and more.


  • Think about formatting: The way that information is presented can change how people interact with it. For example, 70% of people looked at bullet point lists over 55% of people who read lists without bullets. If you’re still reading this, you’re perfect proof of that in action.


  • Get outside help: One of the biggest mistakes of redesigning websites is thinking you can do it all by yourself. If you can, hire an experienced website designer to guide you in the right direction and make sure that your site is going to succeed to its full potential.

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