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The 10 Seconds You Have to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Attract Visitors to Your Website

You followed all the rules to get traffic to your site, the traffic comes, but goes as quickly as it comes. What happened? The first mistake likely was the web design professional you choose. Not all website services are able to deliver the website design that keeps users engaged.

Studies indicate that within 10 seconds, users will navigate away from your site if it is not highly functional, visually stimulating, and engaging. This is where having the right web design professional in your corner really makes a difference.

I Have a Website that Used To Work Great

Maybe at one time your website was delivering exactly what you hoped it would, then, it stopped. The most common cause of failure, in this case, is when your website is outdated. A website redesign strategy is needed to get your traffic back on track.

Website design has to be dynamic, fluid and able to be upgraded. A stagnant site will fall out of favor with visitors quickly. Of course, when your site is stagnant, people often view your business as stagnant. A website redesign can fix that.

How do you know if your website is outdated? If you used a web design professional to launch your website longer than seven years ago, your website is out of date. Design influences have changed, technology has changed, what visitors have expected from websites have changed.

A web design professional can audit your website and make recommendations for changes as part of the website redesign process. Getting the right support can help you get your website back on track.

Making the Right Impression

In business the right impression is everything. Today most people meet your business through your website. Websites are the first handshake you have with a potential lead. You want to make sure that a handshake is firm. A website design professional makes sure your visitors are getting the message that you want to send about your business.

Website redesign NC business owners have found helps to reclaim their share of the traffic pie and more importantly send the right message to visitors. If your website is failing you, it is time to do something about it. Call a web design professional that can get your website back on track today.

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