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Reviews and Testimonials Build Credibility!

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Do you ask your clients for reviews?  It’s as easy as sending them a Google review link in an email or text.  Reviews help prospective clients learn about your business while telling search engines that you are a legitimate and relevant business.

Reviews (Good or Bad) Matter

When Google Reviews are posted to your Google Business profile, Google has reviewed them for legitimacy. Google has algorithms to ensure opinion spam is not skewing the ratings for a site. Responding to reviews shows that you are receptive to both good and bad comments and helps with SEO (search engine optimization) – responses to reviews improve your ranking! 1

Although no company wants a bad review, the reality is that even a bad review can help your business.2  A bad review alerts you to a problem that may need to be addressed, gives context to the review, and provides authenticity to the company.

Ask your clients if they want to leave a review on your Google Business Page. You have nothing to lose but to go up in search rankings!

It’s easy to ask for a review. Follow these steps:

  • Login to the google email you use for your business profile.
  • Go to your business profile page on a Google Search, and search for “your business.”
  • Select Customers And then Reviews, And then Get more reviews.
  • Tip: On your computer, using Google Search, select Ask for reviews.
  • Share the link with your customers directly or use the sharing options provided.




google review business profile

link to google review

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Talking about reviews, if you feel you have had a good experience with MRN Web Designs, we would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a review on our Google Business Page by click on this link:


Do you have a testimonial page on your website? When a potential client visits your site, a testimonial can convince them to contact you.   Website visitors want to see positive experiences with your product or service; this can encourage a visitor to become a client. Testimonials can come from Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and personally submitted reviews.*

*Always get the client’s permission before posting a review received via email or any other non-public source.







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