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PPC Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Money


If your PPC is not delivering the results that you expected, there are some common mistakes that you may be making. Your PPC efforts should not be costing you money, but in some cases, it is. Avoiding these common mistakes is a surefire way to ensure you do not come out on the losing end.

Your Content is Bad

There is nothing that can help bad copy. If your copy is bad, your campaign will not do well. Good copy is the simplest factor in improving results. There is a reason that people choose to let professionals handle their marketing.

According to Linkedin, the most sought-after skills right now are search engine marketing skills, social media marketing skills, and paid search strategy skills. It is no coincidence that these skills are considered the most sought after. Professional marketing drives income.

Lackluster Keywording

The next most common mistake in PPC marketing is keyword problems. There is a very narrow margin of keywords that will convert. According to a recent study, only about 10% of available keywords are useful in conversions.

Ignoring negative keywords is another mistake that people make. Negative keywords can be helpful when used right. Making simple adjustments can deliver great results.

Not Utilizing Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are often ignored. Google offers a wide range of extensions for free, yet many people ignore this free service. Extensions can provide a lot of information. Make using extension a practice that you subscribe to.

You Can Do Better

if you lose money on your PPC attempts, you can do better. You can adjust on your own and stop making the mistakes affecting your bottom line with your marketing attempts. There are ways to improve. If you have been going at it alone, you can consider hiring a professional to manage your marketing. Professional management is one of the easiest ways to avoid the most common mistakes.

Audit your PPC frequently to keep track of how you are doing and make adjustments. If you are looking for a company to help you through this process, contact us today!

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