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Need a New Strategy for Your Internet Marketing Approach? Go To Netflix.

internet marketing“Content is King,” or so the ages-old SEO saying goes. And when you think of a Content King, there’s probably no better example than Netflix. By building an industry from the ground up and creating a niche for itself through a variety of shows, the digital streaming service was able to create a squad of loyal customers even when other competitors started getting involved.

Believe it or not, a good internet marketing strategy for any business — including yours — can and should be a lot like Netflix’s content-focused business model. Why, you ask?

Start from the bottom with onsite optimization and design.

  • Netflix: The user-friendly website allows customers to rate TV shows and movies, which then goes through Netflix’s algorithm to recommend more content they might enjoy. It focuses prominently on clean-cut visuals — which is important, because internet users prefer visuals more than anything else right now.
  • Your small business: Onsite optimization is key for SEO success. This means going through each of your webpages with a fine-tooth comb to fill in tags, index the pages, add contact information, and design the pages so that users can navigate it with ease. This website design process should also address things like page load times and mobile device optimization.

Get in the minds of your customers.

  • Netflix: Getting customers to rate shows and movies first is a key strategy to Netflix’s success. Allowing customers to search for content by title, by an actor’s name, or even by a director’s name is another way Netflix “thinks” like a person.
  • Your small business: It’s all about that UX design! User Experience (UX) design focuses on simple design principles that are based on principles from psychology. One good example is simplicity — if your website is simple enough that a drunk person could navigate it just fine, you’re in the clear (and yes, we’re completely serious about that).

Design matters.

  • Netflix: Never has there been a time in Netflix’s existence when customers said “it’s too bad the mobile website is so bad, I can’t watch this movie on my smartphone.” The website looks sleek and clean-cut no matter which device you’re using.
  • Your small business: Web design is absolutely essential for a good internet marketing campaign, and this means you’ll need to look at your mobile website. Considering that four out of five consumers use their smartphones to shop online, it makes sense that nearly 50% of consumers think a business doesn’t care at all if it doesn’t have a good mobile website.

Regardless of how you feel about Netflix, you can’t deny that the company has made a name for itself by being original, listening to customers, and providing a service before people even realize they need and want it.

With a good internet marketing strategy, your small business can do exactly the same.

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