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How to Build Your Brand Through Web Design

web design trends

web design trends

We all have visited websites that provide no value. Not only that, but many of us leave the site because the information is either lacking or way too much. Users typically only read a little more than a quarter, 28%, of the content on a web page. As a result, your information needs to be clear, intentional, and capture your audience.

Keep It Current

One of the web design trends that never goes out of style is current information. Your website must contain only up-to-date information about events, hours of operation, and contact methods. You do not want to frustrate people before they ever interact with you. Maintaining current data on your website goes a long way to creating a feeling of trust with customers.

Provide Value

No matter what web design trends are popular, they do not take the place of valuable content on your webpage. Your content must be direct and written well. Any information you provide, from blogs to user guides, must contain information your customers want to see. Otherwise, the content you post is wasting your time because they will not read it.

Mobile Friendly

One of the web design trends you should not overlook is having a mobile-friendly website. Most people are going to view your webpage from their phone or tablet. If your website does not load quickly or properly, viewers will move on. If your website is only viewable from a desktop computer, you will lose customers.

User Friendly

Web design trends always lean toward clean navigation and user-friendly designs. Your visitors do not want to click multiple times to get where they want to be. They also do not want to look for sub-menus buried in sub-menus. You should have everything laid out, so navigation is intuitive and easy to find.

Easy to Find Contact

Do not bury your contact information. Instead, make it easy for your visitors to figure out how and when to contact you. If visitors have a question or want more information but cannot find your information, you may have lost a customer.

A website is a great way to have an online presence for your customers. The key is making it valuable and useful. These web design trends can help your website stay current and provide value.

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