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How To Add Some Spice Into Your Blog Posts

digital marketing companyTalk to any good digital marketing company, and they’ll tell you that blogging is one of the best ways to ensure you’re running a great internet marketing campaign. Sure, it’s important to have a user-friendly platform for the blog (which is where website design comes in), and it’s important to know how to share and promote your posts (which is where social media marketing comes in). But content is king, and without it, it’s nearly impossible to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

There’s just one problem that many, many businesses run into here: it’s not that their businesses are boring, per say, but they don’t really provide many interesting topics for blogs. You can only have so many posts about the history of modern plumbing before it gets a little repetitive, and it’s not like there are tons of crazy improvements in toilet technology each month that readers are just dying to hear about.

So how do you make a blog fun and interesting when your industry isn’t exactly the most exciting one out there? Here are a few tips:

  1. Know your customers and what they like to read. Would you say your customers are experts in the industry, or newbies who wouldn’t understand detailed terms and phrases? How about the average age, or where they live? You only have about 10 seconds before a user decides whether to stay on the page or leave, so it’s important to make something that they actually want to read and share.
  2. Know yourself and your employees. Who says your blog posts all have to be about your industry? Creating short profiles about your employees and your business can be just as engaging, and they give your customers a chance to know what you’re all about.
  3. Make the content design user-friendly. It doesn’t matter how interesting a blog post topic is — if it has a poor design, people won’t read it. This can be as simple as turning a couple paragraphs into bullet points, since about 70% of people will read a page with bullet points, but only 55% will read a page without them. A good digital marketing company focuses a lot on this point.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of visual content. A good digital marketing company will offer graphic design work as part of its SEO services because visuals are becoming more important by the day. Infographics, photos, and videos are all very user-friendly, and in fact, content videos receive about 50 billion views per month.
  5. When in doubt, just keep it simple. How-to guides, introductions to a new product or service, and comparisons of products are all great ways to bring in new customers and help them understand what to expect. Remember that you are the expert — your customers probably aren’t — so even if you find a topic boring, it could be invaluable to someone else.

Now we want to know what you think — are there any more suggestions on how to make content more engaging when you’re all out of ideas? Let us know what tips and tricks you’ve discovered!

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