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Effective Digital Marketing Techniques You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Most business owners are aware of how digital marketing can help them acquire new clients and grow their businesses. However, people tend to focus on a few common digital marketing strategies and neglect the rest. Here are some effective digital marketing techniques that you might not have used yet in your online advertising efforts.


SMS Marketing

The majority of business owners are stuck using online advertising techniques like PPC and SEO only. Things like SMS Marketing are almost forgotten, yet they can yield impressive results. SMS marketing involves the sending of promotional campaigns or transactional messages using text messages. These messages are quite effective when it comes to communicating time-sensitive offers and updates. They can also be used to send alerts to people who have consented to get messages from you. Texting people is almost the same as knocking at people’s doors. This is a very effective strategy because people have become so attached to their phones, and they will most definitely open text messages. Also, according to Forbes, users open 90% of SMS messages.


Geotargeted Campaigns

Most business owners are experts in their industries. If you are a master at something and you want to become the go-to guy in your locality, one of the best ways to achieve that is by using a geo-targeted campaign. Geotargeting is a form of online advertising that involves specifying the location where you want your ads to show. There are several ways to use these campaigns to gain industry authority. For instance, you can include details about relevant community events, and you can provide answers to common questions. You may also partner with other local businesses and target areas where your potential customers spend most of their time. This will enable you to send out ads that naturally connect your community to your venture.


Social Proof

This is one of the most impactful digital marketing strategies, yet it’s underused. Imagine you’re looking for a new accountant. You’ve found three that you can possibly work with, based on their qualifications alone. However, One has over 500 positive reviews. The second has 140 positive reviews and a two-star rating, and the third has zero reviews. You are likely going to work with either the second or the first. If someone has more than 500 satisfied customers, there is a high chance that you will be happy with their service as well. This is a psychological phenomenon known as social proof. If you are not using this technique, you must start making efforts to get as many reviews as possible.

These are some online advertising techniques that you might need to include in your digital marketing strategy. You must cast your nets wide when it comes to marketing your business so you can increase your chances of growing your revenue. If you need help coming up with an effective marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.

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