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Do You Need Your Website Redesigned?

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Everyone knows that it’s important to bring customers to web pages. Every major company has a web presence these days, and the internet represents a huge marketplace that’s filled with potential. But your pages could actually be driving customers away rather than bringing them in. You need to seriously think about having your website redesigned to bring in more customers and attract lots of online traffic. There are lots of tricks and tools that can be used to draw in traffic and keep them interested in what’s on your web pages. After all, getting traffic to your site is only step one. Next, you want to be able to sell them on whatever products and services you have to offer!

Why You (Probably) Need Your Website Redesigned

Did you know that most internet users only read about 28% of the content on any given web page? If they’re only going to see about one-fourth of the entire page’s content, you need pages that are going to grab them quickly ad compel them to look at more of the website. You may not know the biggest mistakes of DIY websites that keep traffic away, or what it takes to create effective websites.

Companies and professionals that specialize in web design services, however, know all the tricks and have all the tools to optimize your site. It may be time for you to have your website redesigned. Find out for yourself. Go to a popular search engine like Google and type in the keywords that you think your target audience might use to find a site like yours. How close to the top of the results is your website? When you click on the pages of your site that the search produces, does anything on those pages jump out at you? Does any of it stick with you? What do you notice most about the pages on your site?

If every single page of your website isn’t ranking high in the search results and capturing the attention of traffic right away, you definitely need your website redesigned. Find a web design company or professional that can help you rank higher to get more traffic. And once you have the traffic on your page, you need a web designer who knows how to keep them on the page and compel them to dive even deeper into your website.

When Do You Need Your Website Redesigned?

Many people think of website design as something that only happens once, maybe a couple of times. But actually, you may want to think about designing your entire website, or at least certain elements of it, on a regular basis. The more often you have your website redesigned, the fresher it will appear and the new traffic it will start to draw. Think about having your website redesigned regularly, such as every 6 months or so, to keep your pages looking new and interesting.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Just the Beginning

Everyone knows by now that SEO, search engine optimization, is incredibly important. It’s all about keyword rankings and filling your site with valuable content that will attract the search engines. but the search engines are just the beginning. You also want to attract customers with a great website. You want your pages to look good, you want them to be easy to navigate and you want them to provide plenty of information that can be absorbed quickly. Web pages should contain simple, easy-to-understand concepts quickly and memorably. After all, most internet users have an extremely short attention span! You need to grab their attention right away.

Only a professional web designer can integrate the keywords and the content that the search engines want with the visual elements and great design that real human beings want. It’s not enough to provide high-quality content. Your pages have to beautiful, too. Get your website redesigned by a professional who can make all these elements work together. You might also want to consider optimizing your pages for paid ad content as well. If you’re bringing in enough traffic, you can actually make money from your site through programs like Google AdWords. A little extra website revenue certainly never hurt anybody!

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