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Building Your Website Is Like Building Your Dream House

great web sites for design inspiration

great web sites for design inspirationBusinesses today are quickly coming to realize that their website is more important than a business card. People turn to the internet for answers and if your company isn’t represented well online then this can hurt your business tremendously. For example, 48% say that if they arrive on a business website that isn’t working well on their mobile phone or tablet they take it as an indication that the business doesn’t care. If you find yourself wondering why isn’t anyone coming to my website? Mobile responsiveness could be one of many reasons!


Web design is one of the most important aspects of your website and an excellent starting point. A number of studies show a well-built website will generate better customer traffic. Web design determines the layout, colors, text, structure, graphics, navigation, images, and use of interactive features. If you are feeling lost as where to begin, there are so many great web sites for design inspiration out there. Check out your competitor’s sites too for ideas, and see what keywords they repeatedly use to possibly boost their ranking in search engines. There is no need for tons of pages jam packed with information, overcomplicated designs, or fancy typefaces. Effective websites keep it simple, keep it professional, and keep it easy.


Seeing that your website could make or break your business you may want to look to hire a professional web designer. They will not only know how to make it aesthetically pleasing but have the knowledge to improve keyword rankings and include only high-quality content on your site. Make the best use of your time and focus on the things in your business you know and excel at. If you are not familiar with web design you may not want to waste time and energy on a website that may ultimately end up looking amateur.


You can be a part of the web design process with your website professional and lay out a very clear vision of what you want. Compare it to building your dream house! You wouldn’t build the house yourself without having the experience, but you would be present along the way to make sure everything is exactly how you want it to be. Be sure to do your research and check out great web sites for design inspiration. Meet with a website design company knowing your budget, your vision, and what you want your customer’s online experience to be.