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Asian Domain Registrar Scam

One of my clients recently received an email from the Asia Domain Registry Services in China stating that they received an application that a company claimed “Enyihan Investment Co” were applying to register my client’s domain as their Net Brand and some other Asian countries top-level domain names through their firm. They requested my client to forward the email to their CEO with an urgent request to react quickly to a list of available domain names about to be registered by another company infringing your trademark rights.

I conducted an internet search to assess the validity of the email and also contacted my register, replied ” Thank you for contacting This is a scam email and you can just ignore it. If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to contact us and thank you for choosing”

In addition, there are many blog discussions on the internet about this topic and verifying that it is indeed a scam. So beware if you receive a similiar type of email! Don’t reply, but contact your domain registrar.

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