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A Professional Glossary of Essential SEO Terms

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seo servicesThese days, most business people know how important SEO services are to maintaining their online visibility. There is no doubt that search engine optimization, social media marketing, and web design, among many other internet marketing techniques, are all very important to a successful ad campaign or visibility campaign.
And yet, many people don’t really know the ins and outs of the process of SEO. The better clients understand their own campaigns, the more transparent it can be and the easier communication will be. Check out these essential terms which can help you talk and think like an SEO expert:
Anchor Text
Anchor text refers to hyperlinked text, since it “anchors” to the link. It has been proven that by using keyword-rich anchor text, rankings improve. Be careful to keep anchor text internal, relevant, and not excessive — otherwise the Google bots might consider it a link scheme.
A Search Engine Results Page is what is returned to you after you type a search query into a search engine.
301 Redirect
When pages are deleted or URLs changed, a user usually ends up on a 404 error page, and in order to avoid losing web traffic because of this, it is a good practice to reroute them using a 301 redirect. This will direct users and search engines from the inactive URL to an active one.
Indexing refers to the process by which a search engine collects and stores data across the web. When search engines find new pages, they index them, meaning that they add a copy of it to their database so that it can turn up during searches.
There are two main categories of links that are important to SEO: internal and external. Internal links are those that occur between pages inside of your website, and external are those that are coming to or going from your website. This would occur if someone has linked to your website or you have linked to theirs.
When you consider that 61% of global Internet users research products online before buying, the importance of enlisting SEO services is tantamount.

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