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Print queue won’t clear or delete

My printer had a pending document that wouldn’t delete.  I googled how I could fix it and came up with a great answer that worked, so I’ll share it with anyone who also might have the same problem.

  1. go to your start menu, open the RUN window. (In Windows 7 its the “search programs and files” box at bottom of start menu)
  2. type : services.msc and hit “enter”
  3. Scroll down the list of services to the Print Spooler. The status will probably read “STARTED”
  4. Right click on Print Spooler and select STOP. The status should change to blank.
  5. Right click on it again and select START.
  6. Close the services window.
  7. Check your print queue again, it should be empty now.

Thanks to Ian A on Yahoo!Answers