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5 Reasons That You Really Need to Upgrade Your Web Design

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These days, regardless of how your business is run, it’s all about how the public perceives you online. And whether you own a mom and pop shop with a cult following or a huge corporate giant, your website is going to be the portal for any potential leads.


While you may think that your website looks fine, there are a number of signs indicating that you need to update your web design. Here are five reasons why you should redesign your website ASAP.


    1. You aren’t seeing results
      A strong website will be able to draw in customers and convert them to leads and purchases. If you’re not seeing online sales or enrollments increase, could it be because your website isn’t drawing them in? Take a look at some of your metrics if you have access to them. Where are your clicks coming from? Are they coming from search engines, social media, or elsewhere? How long are these users staying on your page? Do they click back to the search results page immediately? If these things all line up with your lack of conversions, then you need a website redesign.
    2. The purpose of your site changed
      In recent years, e-commerce has become bigger than ever before. If your site used to be purely informational but you want to make the shift to e-commerce, then you need a bold new site that convinces your customers that they want to buy from you over your competitors. Similarly, if your business model has changed in any way or even if you’ve simply changed your logo, you need to rebrand your site to keep things new and fresh. Make an event out of your grand unveiling.
    3. It just doesn’t work
      Some sites just aren’t cutting it. In many cases, this could be a server overload issue or perhaps the site has been coded wrong. If your site is unreachable or difficult to navigate, you need to revamp your website design by scrapping it completely and starting fresh.
    4. Your site is not responsive
      Responsive web design is more important now than ever and will continue to become more important in years to come. See, 48% of customers that notice that a company doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website design will simply give up and move on to a different site without question. A lack of mobile responsiveness generally elicits the feeling that a company doesn’t care enough. And why would a customer buy a product or service from a company that just doesn’t care?
    5. You’re changing your digital marketing strategy
      Anyone can have a website. Having accessible contact information and a domain name is just one step. If you’re interesting in delving into search engine marketing or content marketing, you’ll need to rebuild pages of your site and also keep up on relevant content that will bring in your potential customers.


MRN Web Designs can help you revamp your web design and digital marketing strategy at any capacity. If you’re looking to build your site from the ground up or give it a fair amount of maintenance, contact our firm today.

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