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4 Tips for Improving Your Site’s Domain Authority

improve keyword rankings

improve keyword rankingsAs you learn more about Search Engine Optimization, you may have become familiar with the term “Domain Authority (DA).” Developed by Moz, this is a website metric used to evaluate the power of a domain name. Improving your domain authority is an important aspect of SEO, because strong DA correlates to better rankings, and stronger traffic. If you want to improve keyword rankings, which is important considering the fact that there are now 12 billion we searches per month, having good domain authority will help.


So how, exactly, do you improve your domain authority? Here are four important tips:
1. Get Rid of Bad Links
Having a good DA means having a good link profile. You’ll want to get rid of spammy links pointing to your website. Sometimes these are from old and outdated SEO efforts, but they can occur organically as well. There are numerous sites online that can help you monitor your backlinks, and once you spot spam, you can either request their removal or disavow them.


2. Now, Get Some Great Links
So if you can’t just buy a bunch of cheap links from Russia, exactly how do you gain great links for your website? There are two options here. One is working with an Internet marketing company to secure high-quality backlinks. These companies often have relationships with writers and other websites that allow this to happen. These companies can also help you with content marketing, creating amazing content and then getting people to read it. When you have more internal content, it’s easy to improve keyword rankings as well. Keep in mind that 70% of online users like reading bulleted lists!


3. Develop Internal Linking
It’s not enough to just build out — you also need to build in. Internal links point back to other pages on your site, and help to weave together a stronger network. Not only can this help the search engines indexing your site, but it will also give users more links to click on. Use a variety of anchor texts, and don’t overlink your posts.


4. Have a Well Designed Website
Did you know that 48% of visitors assume that a poorly developed mobile site indicates the company doesn’t care? Sites like Facebook and The New York Times have incredibly strong domain authorities, and they don’t have broken links popping up or painful-to-read tiny text. While design appearance is not the end all to DA, there is a noticeable correlation between the two. Hire professional web design services to make sure you’re not losing visitors due to something so easily fixable.


Whether you’re concerned about how to improve keyword rankings, or your click through rate, better domain authority will lead to better performance for your website.

If you have any questions about improving your site’s domain authority, feel free to give us a shout. Also, if you’d like to learn more about the ways our web development services can help your business grow, please — call today.

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