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4 Effective Ways To Improve Your Web Visibility

web visibility

web visibilityIn order to effectively market to your potential clients and customers, you need first to get your potentials clients onto your website. While search engine optimization, or SEO, may help your website receive increased online traffic, there are ways you can boost your SEO for optimal page rankings and better web visibility.
To increase the web visibility of your business’ website on popular search engines and to gain the interest of potential customers, consider using these five tips to improve your website ranking.

  1. Routinely update your website’s content
    While on a web page, users only read up to 28% of the content they see. If they notice your content hasn’t been updated in quite some time, you can be sure they’ll read even less, even if it is high-quality content you’re offering on your page. Frequently updated content tells your customers that you care about your business and that you’re working hard to keep it current.

  3. Use alt tags for images and video
    Alternative text descriptions, or alt tags, help search engines like Google and Yahoo! find your website easier. Additionally, by providing your website with alt tags, you’ll be getting a leg up over the businesses whose websites use only text-descriptions.

  5. Use links in your content that make sense
    To increase your page rankings for better internet marketing, you need to use links on your website in a way that gets search engines’ attention. By writing high-quality content and linking your website through statistics or in a sentence that’s rich with keywords, you increase web traffic far more than you would otherwise with “click here” links.

  7. Use keyword metadata
    Metadata is the content that’s written between the “head” tags in order to describe the content of the website. Keyword metadata is especially important in order to help potential customers reach your website. Write a series of phrases in your keyword metadata to replicate what it is your customers would type into Google in order to find your site. However, only use between six and eight phrases as some search engines may ignore your metadata if it appears excessive.

Online marketing can do wonders for your business, but only if you have an audience to market towards. By using these helpful tips, you can increase the page rankings and the web visibility of your business.

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