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3 Things On Your Website That Are Ruining Your Business


websitesThere’s something special about being able to have your businesses’ website go live. You have a sense of pride that you’re giving your company a chance to grow and get its name out there. After all, 61% of internet users around the globe use the internet to research products they want to buy, so this seems like a great opportunity. But then you begin to notice something strange. People are visiting your website, but then they’re leaving just as quickly as they came.
What could be the cause of this? People coming to your website is good, but they’re not staying long enough to invest in your goods or services. Most likely, there are things on your site, itself, that are putting people off. Here are three ways your website is driving customers away.

  1. Auto-Play Music
    Though a somewhat dying trend, this issue still occasionally pops up. It’s rare that most internet users nowadays are browsing websites in a completely silent room. More often than not, they have their TV or their own music playing. So having a website designed where music starts blaring out when they visit your page is more than likely going to annoy them. Not only that, but music loading on a page takes time, and slows down the load time for your site. This is something most internet users just do not have time for.

  3. Way Too Many Ads
    While using ads to fund your pages is mostly acceptable, the last thing you want to do is to give valuable space to big, irritating squares popping up in the middle of your computer screen. Not only does this lower web visibility, they are a constant source of frustration for many people on the internet and are not likely to win you many customers.

  5. Outdated Content
    Since the invention of the internet, people have wanted the freshest, most recent news available to them. Websites for digital marketing should accommodate this. If your latest blog post or news story was from several years ago, people are going to assume two things. Either your website is dead and no longer in use or you do not care enough to keep it updated. Bpth scenarios will cause visitors to quickly leave.

It’s hard to say what makes a good website. However, these three things should definitely be on your list of things not to do. These are just three of the things best left alone when it comes to optimal web design. If you keep your site simple and easy, chances are the quality of your work and the integrity of your business will show through on its own merits. We hope you found this short list useful to you and your business.
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