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3 Signs You Need A Website Redesign

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need a website redesignHaving a well-designed website and consistent online presence is invaluable for companies both big and small. However, most businesses won’t be able to skate by with just any old website – keeping your website up to date and well-designed is essential for making the most of online traffic. But how do you know if you need a website redesign? Look for these telltale signs on your business website that you might be due for a new layout and some extra content.


Slow Load Times


Have you visited your company website recently only to notice that your page takes frustratingly long to load? This is more than just irritating for you – it could be costing your business. Out-of-date websites often aren’t up to today’s standards of mobile responsiveness and overall responsive design. The longer it takes to load, the fewer visitors are going to stick around and actually see the content on your website. If your site takes more than a few seconds to load, you may need a website redesign.


Confusing Layout


One of the most important tasks your website has for your business is to communicate essential information to your customers. However, users only read slightly more than a quarter (28%) of the content they see on a web page. If your visitors can’t find essential information like your company name, address, and contact information within that short amount of reading time, it’s likely because your website’s layout is confusing. Redesigning your layout will help you communicate the most important information to your customers and improve your conversion rate.


Changes To Business


Finally, when was the last time you redesigned your website? Have you made changes to your company’s business model or services in that time? If so, you’ll likely want to update your website at a minimum, though redesigning your site would be preferable. This way, you’ll be able to highlight and draw attention to these new products and services, keeping customers up to date on changes in your company.


All of these aspects could be a sign that you and your company need a website redesign in order to make the most of online traffic. For more information or to work with a professional web designer, contact MRN Web Designs today.

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