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3 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Isn’t Working

your seo campaign

In the digital age, the importance of search engine optimization cannot be overstated. But even if you understand how essential this type of search engine marketing is to the success of your business, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll know how to properly execute an SEO strategy.

If you’ve been trying your hand at implementing search engine optimization tips but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it’s easy to become discouraged. But with a subject as complex as digital marketing, it’s easy to make a mistake that could derail or delay your ability to achieve optimal results. Here are just three reasons your current SEO campaign isn’t working the way you’d hoped.

Your Website Needs Work

Data shows you have just 10 seconds (or less!) to make a good impression with web visitors. But even if your strategy is actually driving traffic to your website, poor website design could cancel out any gains you might otherwise enjoy. Slow site speed, low-quality content, navigation errors, lack of responsive design, and bad web hosting can all make your optimization efforts for naught.

In some cases, your site may end up hurting your SEO strategy; if your bounce rate is high, for example, due to website or content mistakes, your rankings could actually decrease even though you’re trying to improve them! That’s why it’s best to work with a professional web designer and with marketing experts to ensure your site supports your optimization strategy.

You Haven’t Waited Long Enough

Certain types of marketing might offer relatively fast results. But others, like search engine optimization, require a bit of patience. SEO is meant to be a long-term strategy, allowing you to build your web presence and traffic over time. If you’re expecting instant results, you’re going to be frustrated and may even assume it’s not worth the investment.

Search engines don’t index websites or web pages overnight. It can take a while to see results from your search engine optimization efforts. But remember: that’s on purpose! If you need traffic and conversions quickly, you might consider adding PPC to your marketing budget to support your other promotional tactics. But don’t lose heart if you aren’t seeing your keyword rankings change right away. If it’s been several months without any hint of positive change, you can then examine other possibilities.

You’re Trying to Handle Marketing Yourself

One of the biggest marketing mistakes business owners make is trying to DIY everything they can. While it might seem like a good way to save money, you could actually end up spending more than necessary in the long run.

Because search engine optimization is complex and ever-evolving, it pays to work with a North Carolina SEO company. That way, you’ll know that optimizations are being done correctly from the start — and you’ll have access to the insights that show where improvements can be made. By taking digital marketing off your plate, you’ll be able to focus on other crucial areas of your business while still enjoying a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Do you feel like your search engine optimization is coming up short? Whether you currently have no strategy or you feel your efforts could use improvement, we’re here to help. From web design to content creation and PPC, we’ve got your back in business. Contact us today for further information.

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