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2 Web Design Myths That Could Ruin Your Site

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website design checklistThe internet and the way we use it are constantly evolving, which means that web designers need to be on their toes and following trends in order to keep their sites relevant. While some elements of web design may have been true in the past, many have become myths that will haunt designers and business owners if not debunked immediately. Before diving into your website design checklist, take a look at these two design myths that could ruin your chances of success:

MYTH: Minimalism = Usability

REALITY: You can achieve usability without relying on a minimalist style

The most experienced web designers know that a page’s usability is key to a site’s success, and simplicity is essential to overall functionality. Too many people, however, assume that this means a website’s design must be minimal. While minimalism is a style that can to simpler navigation by eliminating distracting details, this isn’t always the case.

The minimalist style removes extraneous visual elements; however, it also tends to decrease the number of navigational cues like labels, which help a user find what they’re looking for on a website. In this sense, minimalism does not lead to simplicity or usability. It actually makes a website less intuitive for visitors.

MYTH: Mobile users are inattentive and always on the go

REALITY: A user is not necessarily disengaged just because they are viewing a web page on their smartphone

A 2012 AOL study revealed that “68% of mobile page views happened at home,” meaning that many smartphone users aren’t actually out-and-about, multitasking, and totally distracted. Yet, too many novice web designers are still developing apps and mobile sites for “inattentive” and “one-the-go” users.

We already know what happens when mobile sites are not designed well. As many as 48% of internet users report that if they come across a business site that isn’t functioning adequately on mobile, they take it as an indication that the business simply does not care about its customers.

Now that you’re in the know, you can add these two important elements to your website design checklist: (1) a simple design that is easy to navigate and (2) a mobile site that doesn’t underestimate your users’ engagement.

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