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    Why Your Website Should be Optimized for Google

    November 29, 2022

    Website optimization remains essential for businesses to remain visible. Millions of people come across businesses online because they invest in the best SEO practices. Once you optimize for Google, you’ll notice quite a few benefits.   Higher Customer Retention When customers land on your website via Google search, they are more likely to purchase from

  • better results

    How to Use Metrics-Based Marketing Decisions

    Is online data the force driving decision making at your business? Data-driven decision making is a technique used to get better results for online marketing and more. Here are some benefits of using this data to make decisions.   Utilizing Online Metrics   Using data to make decisions about your online marketing is excellent evidence-based

  • why is seo important

    SEO: How Does It Help Online Businesses?

    November 7, 2022

    SEO is short for search engine optimization. It uses multi-tiered strategies to help internet users find your website, such as using keywords and ensuring that articles are easy to read. However, most businesses are wondering, “Why is SEO important?” Here, we’ll provide you with the answers you need! Why Is SEO Important? SEO is a

  • Boosting Your Business With Better Blogs

    October 4, 2022

    A business blog is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to market your company. If used correctly, it can help promote your website, boost sales, position you as an expert in your field, and assist you in expanding into new areas. Unfortunately, many companies still haven’t realized the benefits of this platform. Here are

  • Top 5 Reasons Customers are Clicking Off of Your Site

    Any business would want to draw customers to their site and engage more, but there are many reasons why people might be clicking off too quickly. According to Ironpaper, you have just ten seconds to impress online users and tell them what your website offers. They’ll click off if they can’t find information in that

  • online advertising

    Gen Z, Multitasking, and Marketing: Using Your Platform to Reach Younger Audiences

    September 6, 2022

    If you do not demand anything else from your web designers, make sure you demand responsive design. Responsive design means that your website will appear the same on all devices. In today’s market, it is essential that your web design is responsive to the user’s needs, and here is why. Gen Z Users Demand Responsive

  • site speed

    The Rush to Reaching Number One: The Value of SEO

    August 31, 2022

    If you are a business owner or a marketer, you must utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure a successful marketing campaign. SEO helps your website rank high in search engine results to target potential customers and improve your sales and leads. Below is a list of SEO values for a business. Visibility and Rankings

  • Should You Have a Company Instagram Account?

    August 1, 2022

    If you’re thinking about utilizing Instagram for business, you might wonder if it’s worth it or if a publicity campaign on the platform can yield results. An Instagram account helps a business reach many of the app’s users via content marketing and provides tools that help you sell your business more effectively. Below are reasons why you should

  • website design

    5 Signs Your Website is Stuck in the 2010s

    For most businesses, their website is the focal point of their internet marketing. As a result, it is critical that the website seems clean, inviting, and current. If you believe your website is becoming antiquated or isn’t as aesthetically appealing as your rivals’, it might be time to explore a redesign. Below are five signs

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking on Google

    June 24, 2022

    You may have spent countless hours working on your website and invested time into perfecting it, but you’re wondering why you aren’t getting the ranking you deserve. The key to ranking your site is to know how Google operates and then use that knowledge to create an effective strategy. There are several reasons why your