Simple IT Solutions

Client Overview

Simple IT Solutions has provided IT & technology services to New Jersey and the greater Lehigh Valley since 2004. Their unique background and skill stack – across industries, areas of expertise, platforms, and products – sets them apart from other IT service providers. The team at Simple IT Solutions is most proud of its strong relationships with its clients.



IT Solutions

The Challenge

The owner of Simple IT Solutions came to us with an existing website that needed a redesign. The website contained only four pages – home, about us, services, and contact us. The lack of pages gave visitors to the website very little information about Simple IT Solutions. Additionally, the lack of content made the website not SEO friendly, meaning it would be hard to rank high in a search engine. MRN was hired by Simple IT Solutions to develop a website with an updated design that contained more pages to provide a user and SEO-friendly experience.

Services We Provided

  • Website Design 
  • Website Development 
  • Website Maintenance

Strategy and Approach

MRN Web Designs took this client through our entire development process, starting with our kickoff meeting. At our kickoff meeting, we worked directly with the owner to create a new navigation structure that would include over ten new pages added to his website. MRN built out a page for each service provided by Simple IT. We also created a page for each industry in that Simple IT provides services.  Once we established a new navigation structure, we would design and develop every page of their website with high levels of functionality. Our process resulted in a website that provides helpful information for its users and is SEO-friendly.

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